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Bulb Feat. Tiiu - Hardest Way - (Ghostek Remix)
Ghostek E.P - T.B.C


2-Step, Ghost Garage, Bass Music, Electronica


As the name suggests, a ghost in the technology or a subliminal phantom sound in your dream, but whatever angle you decide to take on this energetic and creative producer be sure you realize that this is without a doubt, music of the future.

Russia is a breeding ground for producing tremendously talented young electronic musicians at the moment and none fall short than Arthur Berlinn, who goes by the previously mentioned – Ghostsek guise.

Ghostek’s rise to success has been steady and very swift as he quickly built an arsenal of consistently amazing releases on labels such as – Other Heights, Shipwreck, Square Harmony, Origami Sound and our very own Silk & Solace. Each release tells an essential story, in that it takes the listener on a journey thru the mind of this gifted young producer and each and every track has something unique and stunningly beautiful about it.

Currently located in the arctic city of Moscow, Ghostek is a breath of fresh air to the sometimes stale electronic music scene. Making music for over 5 years and citing inspirations as deep as social problems, personal feelings and obscure techno records, Ghostek is on the path to greatness.

Ghostek’s second alias – Arthur Berlinn encompasses more traditional electronic elements such as 808′s and a brighter more uplifting sound and while still making his usual dark soundscapes under the Ghostek guise having a second outlet shows how versatile this producer can be.

Moving forward, Ghostek has a host of upcoming releases on various labels including his own – Square Harmony imprint, remixes for Silk and also a top secret project in the works for Solace. Working on game & film projects along with an endless supply of top quality music the future looks astonishingly bright for Ghostek.
You can check Ghostek’s full artist profile on katipoaudio here – GHOSTEK

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