Ghostek – Velvet (Forge Remix)

Forge announces a new remix from one of Ghostek’s finest moments off his debut L.P – Random Memories. Forthcoming somewhere soon…Remember you can still buy the full L.P from all online retailers and direct from our store – BUY

Silk Podcast Vol.29 Feat Forge

Silk Recordings podcast Vol.29 mixed by Forge. Please click the button to download and hit subscribe via iTunes link.

54:06 – 320 KBPS


1. The Hybridz – Mind Splicer
2. The Untouchables, Gremlinz & Rumbleton – Twelve Colonies
3. Thing – Antique
4. Doc Scott – Shadow Boxing (Om Unit Remix)
5. Gremlinz & Ahmad – Nibiru
6. Mako & DLR & Villem & Ant TC1 – Hungry For Atmosphere
7. Proktah & Dementia – Cubicles
8. Nymfo – Beep
9. Bone – Lost & Found
10. The Hybridz – Other Heights
11. Sectrominal – Turning Into Dust
12. Om Unit – Governers Bay
13. Intersoul – In Your Eyes
14. dRamatic – Straight Talking
15. Quadrant & Iris – Sparse VIP
16. Silent Witness – FMB

Mirrorstate: Katipo Audio Mix – Vol.3

Third in the Katipo Audio Mix Series is – Mirror State, showing off his amazing talent with a continuous blend of deep and dark bass music. The Melbourne based producer and DJ plays live every Sunday on Sub.FM from 7am – 9am GMT.


1. Mirror State – Chant
2. Neka – Not at All
3. Sangam – Attached To Glamour [Black Hymn Records]
4. Mirror State – Descend
5. Cauto – Ona [Forthcoming South Fork Sound]
6. Minerva – Uninspired
7. Ghostek – Vampires [Forthcoming Sub Squared]
8. Sangam – Past Vision
9. Nights – Summon [Car Crash Set]
10. Mirror State – Statue
11. Kid Smpl – Materia Riddim
12. Mirror State – Distress [Free Download]
13. Wen – Wind It Up (Blind Prophet Remix) [Audio Empathy]
14. Sangam – Consume (Mirror State Remix)
15. Budeaux – Resolutions [Endless Plains Records]

Silk Podcast Vol.28 Feat Forge

Silk Recordings podcast Vol.28 mixed by Forge. Please click the button to download and hit subscribe via iTunes link.

112:50 – 320 KBPS


1. Forge – Jelly Fish Dub
2. The Untouchables – Adamantium
3. Hybrid Minds – Why
4. Calibre – Dema Beats
5. Intersoul – Breaking The Chains
6. Flame & Incident – Smoke Streets
7. June Miller – Brave Man
8. Halogenix Feat. Zoe Klinck – Take The Lead
9. Ivy Lab – Baby Grey
10. Makoto feat Deeizm – Woe (Lenzman Remix)
11. Need For Mirrors, Edward Oberon – Reset
12. Break – Music Is Better
13. Mefjus – Leakproof
14. The Untouchables – Correction Coming Forward VIP
15. Ruffhouse – Next Phase

New Dimensions E.P

The latest release from the genre bending duo, The Hybridz, is an E.P full of razor sharp beats, thumping bass and dark uplifting vibes. After coming out of a small hiatus the pair have returned with a smashing E.P that features 4 tracks perfect for any club set.

The Hybridz – New Dimensions E.P

Silk Podcast Vol.27 Feat Forge

Silk Recordings podcast Vol.27 mixed by Forge. Please click the button to download and hit subscribe via iTunes link.

112:50 – 320 KBPS


1. Reza & Gremlinz – Thaw
2. Forge – JellyFish Dub
3. Machinedrum – Gunshotta (Fracture’s Astrophonica Remix)
4. Kid Drama Ft Hands Like Crime – Retract
5. The Hybridz – Other Heights
6. Pedestrian – Hoyle Road (Spectrasoul Remix)
7. The Hybridz – Sunset Rum
8. Trex – Concrete Ambience
9. Abstract Elements – Universe Of Emptiness
10. Digital & Spirit – Phantom Force (Fracture Astrophonica Edit)
11. Marcus Intalex – Gripped
12. Loxy & Isotone – Ancients (Skeptical Remix)
13. Thing – SoundBwoy Style
14. Brain Crisis – Fight Ogres
15. Stray – Dropping Bombs
16. Halogenix – Each His Own
17. Klute – Gaze Into Your Eyes
18. Icicle – Klickstep
19. Hybrid Minds – Lost VIP
20. Calibre – Highlander
21. Arp Xp – Winter In Sardinia (Calibre Remix)
22. Dramatic & dbaudio – Got Feeling
23. Total Science Ft Riya Suspicious (Alix Perez Remix)
24. SpectraSoul – In For A Penny
25. Blok One – Hear You Breathing
26. Faib – Angel’s Lullaby

Ghostek: Katipo Audio Mix – Vol.2

Known as a ghost in the system, a tribal and repetitive curse, Ghostek is at the forefront of electronic music in Russia. Currently working relentlessly on countless projects that range from samples packs to running his labels, Ghostek is one individual that strives for perfection and continuously pushes the boundaries when it comes to making music and evolving his sonic landscape.

Having notched up a string of successful releases both as an artist and thru his highly creative and genre bending labels – Square Harmony & March85, Ghostek signs an exclusive deal which aligns himself and his labels with the mighty – Katipo Audio Music Group.

This will see the business model change for both labels, distribution and of course the output. Already experiencing a backlog in music for his labels, Ghostek decided it was time to do it properly and shift away from feeding releases to the masses for free and listen to his huge fan base and offer the normal CD, 12” and digital download L.Ps exclusively.

Not sticking to one genre in particular – Square Harmony has seen a diverse range of artists release on the label with an enormous amount of emphasis on bringing fresh and exciting producers thru.

Listening to the labels back cat to date, there is definitely something for everyone among the labels 10 free releases. One of the stand out tracks from the labels short catalogue would have to be the Stiver – Whatever, which you can download for free here. Download

Ghostek still has plenty of tricks up his sleeve from himself and other producers, having already submitted the next 3 releases starting with a cat number of SH001. You can expect to hear something new and fresh every 4 weeks with the first few tracks and new forthcoming bits being previewed here in Ghostek’s outstanding mix!

Not leaving the March85 sister imprint out, having already released a very successful compilation this year from various producers and artists from across the world. Expect to see another compilation soon as MARCH’85 focuses more on bringing long players out in the techno/downbeat realm. You can check the latest work here from their debut compilation. Listen

Ghostek is heading up A+R for the labels and you can contact him directly and send in your best demos to – squareharmonyrecords at katipoaudio dot com

As for the main man himself, Ghostek is busy writing music as usual, with his debut L.P set set to be released on Xmas day 2013 plus various singles and remixes including this one for Silk which is due very soon.


Venture debut’s on Square Harmony with his fantastic E.P – Touch The Sky.

The 22-year old producer from Birmingham, UK, Venture has firmly established himself as one of the leading lights in the new wave of electronic music producers taking over the bass music scene. Not sticking to one tempo or genre, Venture is widely expanding his fanbase network with tracks in all various tempos and styles.

With influences such as ASC and Instra:Mental and previous releases on labels such as Broken Bubble, Night Tracks, Reflect Audio and a slew of free downloads, this has seen him gain a steady worldwide fanbase. Expect to hear more releases from this young talented producer in the coming months.

You can purcahse the brand new E.P direct from our store here – BUY E.P