Hiatus – Precious Little (Offical Video)

One of electronic music’s most creative and talented souls – Hiatus, gives us the rundown on his new music and inspiration behind the breathtaking new video that accompanies his new track. The video which incorporates family, mythology and intense landscapes shows just how diverse and creative Hiatus can be when getting a message across to listeners.

The idea for the Precious Little video came to the British-Iranian producer – real name Cyrus Shahrad – during an annual trip to Iran to visit relatives last year.

“Like many Iranians my dad is very nostalgic, and spends a lot of time walking around the streets where he grew up. I’m always happy to follow, as I love watching him soak up his surroundings. One morning I found myself filming from behind as he strolled down the road his mother still lives on, and the idea unfolded from there.” That scene – which opens the video – was the first of many filmed over the course of two weeks, snapshots of Iran covering many locations: from the downtown bazaar to leafy residential streets, and from recreational Alborz mountains trails to coast roads on the island retreat of Kish in the Persian Gulf.

“Dad was oblivious to the fact that he was being filmed ninety-nine percent of the time,” says Cyrus. “There were just two shots that I asked his cooperation for: the footage of him walking towards the Azadi Monument, a hugely iconic structure, and the scene where he walks through the graveyard at Behesht-e Zahra and sits at his father’s grave.”

Those scenes close the video with a sense of Iranian mythology, as though Cyrus’ father is a king from the ancient Persian epic The Shahnameh, returning from exile at the end of his life to pay tribute at his father’s grave. It’s a feeling complemented by the track itself – an instrumental elegy featuring Cyrus on piano alongside strings and stirring sub-bass.

Precious Little, which was first uploaded to Bandcamp in autumn 2014, has so far raised more than £2,000 for Medical Aid For Palestinians, a charity that provides humanitarian relief to citizens caught in a terrible crossfire in Gaza and beyond.

All proceeds from sales of the track go to Medical Aid For Palestinians, a charity providing humanitarian relief to civilians caught in a terrible crossfire. The track has raised more than £2000 since it was uploaded to Bandcamp last year. The link to download it is HERE

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Synthetic Epiphany

Synthetic Epiphany is a young talented producer from United Kingdom. However by no means is he new to the production world. His productions focus on a wide variety of unique electronic styles and he always pushes the boundaries across different sonic landscapes. This time his 3 tracks find home on Russian based label ‘Square Harmony’.

With an amazing vibe the whole E.P really has got enough inside to please even the most experienced bass soldier. The E.P can be previewed and bought direct from the label store right here –


Silk Podcast Vol.31 Feat Forge

Silk Recordings podcast Vol.31 mixed by Forge. Please click the button to download and hit subscribe via iTunes link.

54:06 – 320 KBPS


Coming soon!

Silk Podcast Vol.30 Feat Forge

Silk Recordings podcast Vol.30 mixed by Forge. Please click the button to download and hit subscribe via iTunes link.

54:06 – 320 KBPS


1. Forge – New Beginnings
2. Seba – Mesmerism
3. Rockwell – Snare Drum Awareness
4. Skeptical – Always Been Mine (feat. Collette Warren)
5. Seba – Life Is
6. Furi Anga – The Night Falls (As We Part)
7. Thing – Uncovered
8. Klute feat. Klose – My Black & White (Calibre Remix)
9. Total Science feat. Grimm – Another Time
10. S.P.Y – Riding The Void
11. Break & DLR – New Design
12. Lenzman & Switch – Ice Cold Soul (Lenzman VIP)
13. Break – They Are Wrong (Calibre Remix)
14. Mutt feat. Kevin King – Conversations (Rene Lavice & Gremlinz Remix)
15. Bulb ft. Tiiu – Hardest Way (Ghostek Remix)
16. Rockwell – Molloch
17. Rawtekk – Snowflakes (Ambient Version)

Ghostek – Velvet (Forge Remix)

Forge announces a new remix from one of Ghostek’s finest moments off his debut L.P – Random Memories. Forthcoming somewhere soon…Remember you can still buy the full L.P from all online retailers and direct from our store – BUY

Silk Podcast Vol.29 Feat Forge

Silk Recordings podcast Vol.29 mixed by Forge. Please click the button to download and hit subscribe via iTunes link.

54:06 – 320 KBPS


1. The Hybridz – Mind Splicer
2. The Untouchables, Gremlinz & Rumbleton – Twelve Colonies
3. Thing – Antique
4. Doc Scott – Shadow Boxing (Om Unit Remix)
5. Gremlinz & Ahmad – Nibiru
6. Mako & DLR & Villem & Ant TC1 – Hungry For Atmosphere
7. Proktah & Dementia – Cubicles
8. Nymfo – Beep
9. Bone – Lost & Found
10. The Hybridz – Other Heights
11. Sectrominal – Turning Into Dust
12. Om Unit – Governers Bay
13. Intersoul – In Your Eyes
14. dRamatic – Straight Talking
15. Quadrant & Iris – Sparse VIP
16. Silent Witness – FMB

Mirrorstate: Katipo Audio Mix – Vol.3

Third in the Katipo Audio Mix Series is – Mirror State, showing off his amazing talent with a continuous blend of deep and dark bass music. The Melbourne based producer and DJ plays live every Sunday on Sub.FM from 7am – 9am GMT.


1. Mirror State – Chant
2. Neka – Not at All
3. Sangam – Attached To Glamour [Black Hymn Records]
4. Mirror State – Descend
5. Cauto – Ona [Forthcoming South Fork Sound]
6. Minerva – Uninspired
7. Ghostek – Vampires [Forthcoming Sub Squared]
8. Sangam – Past Vision
9. Nights – Summon [Car Crash Set]
10. Mirror State – Statue
11. Kid Smpl – Materia Riddim
12. Mirror State – Distress [Free Download]
13. Wen – Wind It Up (Blind Prophet Remix) [Audio Empathy]
14. Sangam – Consume (Mirror State Remix)
15. Budeaux – Resolutions [Endless Plains Records]

Silk Podcast Vol.28 Feat Forge

Silk Recordings podcast Vol.28 mixed by Forge. Please click the button to download and hit subscribe via iTunes link.

112:50 – 320 KBPS


1. Forge – Jelly Fish Dub
2. The Untouchables – Adamantium
3. Hybrid Minds – Why
4. Calibre – Dema Beats
5. Intersoul – Breaking The Chains
6. Flame & Incident – Smoke Streets
7. June Miller – Brave Man
8. Halogenix Feat. Zoe Klinck – Take The Lead
9. Ivy Lab – Baby Grey
10. Makoto feat Deeizm – Woe (Lenzman Remix)
11. Need For Mirrors, Edward Oberon – Reset
12. Break – Music Is Better
13. Mefjus – Leakproof
14. The Untouchables – Correction Coming Forward VIP
15. Ruffhouse – Next Phase

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