Starjam – Shadow Drop E.P

Silk’s brand new signing – Starjam has let loose on his debut release for the label. The first in a series of E.P’s from the Ukrainian based DJ and producer, with production values second to none and a super uplifting rave vibe it’s easy to see why Starjam has blown our senses away with his debut.

The release in question is out now and has been featured on a host on radio shows, online podcasts and dj sets worldwide.


Starjam – Shadow Drop E.P (Previews Now Up)

Starjam is a relatively unknown producer who has been signed exclusively to Silk. This is the first in a series of E.P’s from the Ukrainian based DJ and producer with production values second to none, Starjam has blown our senses away with his debut. Watch this space!

The Shadow Drop E.P is heavily influenced by ‘Trap’, featuring extensive amounts of drum work and complex break patterns, it’s easy to see why this young producer has a bright future ahead. Big bass and heavy beats are the order of the day and Starjam has fully delivered on this release.

Forge – New Beginnings E.P

Label boss Forge steps up for his freshest release yet! Silk’s latest offering one, which spans deep soundscapes and heavy bass, 5 tracks of pure future hypnotic funk.

The entire e.p has a deep futuristic progressive theme, sci-fi vocal samples and shimmering FX light the way for spectacular break workouts on – ‘Surface Reaction’ to the moody and brooding pads and atmos in “Caverns”. Forge has delivered on this E.P and if you are into progressive, dark moody beats then this one is for you!

Out now!

Silk Podcast Vol.34 Feat Forge

Silk Recordings podcast Vol.33 mixed by Akuratyde. Please click the button to download and hit subscribe via iTunes link.

133:15 – 320 KBPS


1. Ghostek – Velvet (Forge Re-Imagine Remix)
2. RQ – Shimmer
3. Mako -Too Broke To Get it
4. Thing -Tokyo
5. Hidden Element – Fght
6. Minor Rain – Resistor
7. Need For Mirrors & HLZ – Slash
8. Bazil – Once Red
9. Jahe – Falling Down (Feat Gadmandubs)
10. Dioptrics – Touched
11. Legion & Logam – Red Letter
12. Spectrasoul – Always
13. Lurch – Body Language
14. Dayni – 6am
15. Carter – What We Know
16. Phaeny -1997
17. Macca & Loz Contreras – Honey Sugar
18. Forge – Wreckage
19. Nic ZigZag – Silk Road
20. Mental Forces – Confusion
21. Interline – Formula
22. Bulb ft. Tiiu – Hardest Way – (Ghostek Remix)
23. Thing – One Step Ahead
24. Digital – Archive
25. Edit – Valhalla
26. DRS – Count To Ten (Feat Enei) (VIP)
27. Mako – Do You Feel The Same
28. Legion & Logam – Warehouse
29. Boston – For Grace
30. Stereotype – Lost In Los Angeles
31. Impish – Friday
32. Chromatic – Found You
33. Paul T & Edward Oberon – I Still Love You
34. Legion & Logam – Blackout (VIP)
35. Eastcolors – Mad Day (Edit Remix)
36. Thing – Machine
37. Integration Now – SN2 (2015 Remix)
38. Akuratyde – Circles

Native Instruments Release New File Format – ‘Stems’

Forward thinking audio software / DJ controller giant Native Instruments releases a brand new file format titled – ‘Stems’, but is it any good?

With years of development behind the idea and indeed a brave move by the German manufacturer and from what it sounds like was one that was spurred on by top techno dj’s, we now have – Stems.

With the constant technological advances, every audio company has the ability to change the way people perceive or mix music, you just need a bit of finesse and a committed team behind you and that’s exactly what NI have done, see below for their exact words on how the new format works and what you need to get started.

I’ve already delved into the world of stems as this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for to incorporate into my live techno shows and who knows maybe this format could also work for DNB. I’d really love to see more labels participate in this new audio format and while only a handful have Stems available to purchase on sites like Beatport, only time will tell if more labels decide to join the Stems community.

A Stem file is an open multi-track audio format, Stems enhances creative possibilities for DJs, producers, and live performers. A Stem file contains a track split into four musical elements: A drums stem, a bassline stem, a melody stem, and a vocal stem for example. The Stem format provides the ability to freely interact with a track’s different musical elements. Each ‘stem’ can be controlled independently to create instant new mixes, mashups, instrumentals, acappellas, and more.

To find out more about stems visit the NI purpose built website here – HERE




Akuratyde’s Debut On Silk

Silk’s next release brings ‘Akuratyde’ to the labels ever expanding roster, ‘Akuratyde’ has phenomenal depth in his production and approach to making music. His current release on Silk spans songwriting, vocals and experimental music all produced to the highest standard and is one of this year’s artists to watch.

The title track Last Forever spans lush soundscapes, heavy subs emotive melodies and synths which all come together cohesively to bring a sense that this track could really ‘ Last Forever’.

Circles is undeniably the vocalist choice of the E.P, subtle pads and expansive reverbs drip between melodic arps and an intense low sub line, fans of ‘ASC’ will greatly appreciate this track.

The remaining two tracks, Sill Perfect and Breathe You In, complete the E.P in style. Both tracks have amazing musical content, uplifting synths and some of the best minimal and experimental beats in the scene right now. The entire E.P feels very much organic and with plenty of space it’s reminiscent of labels such as Exit, MedSchool and Auxillary.


1. Akuratyde – Still Perfect
2. Akuratyde – Breathe You In
3. Akuratyde – Last Forever
4. Akuratyde & Misnomer – Circles

Solace Records – Latest News

Solace Records has been fairly consistent in the last 24 months, however about 12 months ago we decide to stop releasing music for a while and look at our long-term goals, what artists we want to focus on and how we are going to deliver our new ideas and releases to the music world. Both of us strive for perfection in a sound and artist and we don’t want to rush records just because we can. Moving forward we have a bunch of amazing music and new artists to bring to the entire community.

To all our loyal fans – please hold-tight, more info will be announced soon. Thanks for all support thus far and we hope to break some new boundaries in the world of dubstep and electronic music very soon…

Please listen to our last release below – The amazing Jafu!


Silk Podcast Vol.33 Feat Akuratyde

Silk Recordings podcast Vol.34 mixed by Forge. Please click the button to download and hit subscribe via iTunes link.

133:15 – 320 KBPS


1. Hidden Life – Thinking Thoughts [Unreleased]
2. Blocks – Moon & Stars
3. The Oceanographer – Daydreams Of Crow’s Nests
4. They Live – Pure Palms
5. Nudge – Have No Words
6. Distance – System Reset
7. Marso & Gala – Promise
8. Akuratyde – Still Perfect
9. Fullarity – Loneliness
10. Justice & Metro – The Ills
11. Above & Beyond – Sticky Fingers Feat. Alex Vargas (Om Unit Remix)
12. DAAT & Dominic Ridgway – Crashes
>> The Levels – Remember
13. Mystic State – Faded (Feat. Pandaka & Elias Traynor)
14. Nuage & Gerwin – Lifestyle
15. Queensway – Away
16. Instra:mental & dBridge – White Snares
17. Mobility – Sunrays Through Rain
18. Kharm – Evergreen
19. Bungle – Lights
20. Glen E.Ston – Who We Are
21. Furi Anga – The Night Falls (Bulb Remix)
22. Bulb & Tiiu – 1000 Light Years Between Us
23. Kid Drama – Azure Pt. 1
24. DAAT – 7D [Unreleased]
25. The Architect – Bencq
26. Joe Seven – Juiced
27. Danny Scrilla – Lone Ranger
28. Alix Perex & Stray – RIP N DIP
29. Cirrus – Dark Skies
>> Instra:Mental – Hunter

Ghostek Releases Dark 2-Step Sample Pack

Expertly crafted and produced by Ghostek, this shadowy figure has curated a huge library that mixes dark and twisted atmospheric sounds with warm and melancholic timbres, bound together by punchy drums and shuffling percussion.

Emotive synths, haunting ambiences, ominous bass lines and lo-fi FX loops are mixed with warm ethereal pads, glowing textures and upbeat garage beats. The drum loops are inspired by 2-step and dubstep rhythms and are littered with intricate foley sounds and percussion. Also included is a unique selection of the one shots that made up these complex loops.

Ghostek’s exceptional production skills shine in glistening 24-bit audio quality, and as ever, all sounds come to you 100% royalty free. So head down underground and enter the eerie underworld of Dark Ambient & 2-Step. Purchase Ghostek’s latest sample pack HERE

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