SILKD005 - The Ultracode Chronicles Vol.1

SILKD006 - The Mosaic E.P


DnB, Minimal, Deep, Intelligent, Electronica




Ultracode was born in Kiev, Ukraine April 2, 1986 and currently lives in Chernigov. Musical tastes and inspirations that   affect Ultracode range from the environment, family and of course his intellect and mind. Ultracode thakes these forces and  forms music preferences for himself about the outside world. Ultracode believes framework dulls and suffocates the creative impulses, not letting them develop and materialize in the physical world. Ultracode can be found experimenting with dubstep and drum&bass with hints of idm, although in the first place all this  interesting music is not tied to any one style. The time it takes Ultracode to complete his masterpieces range from a couple of hours to several months, factors such as intrinsic motivation and ideological saturation come into play.

My first experience of DnB came about at that moment when I got hold of the album by Aphrodite – Kings Of The Beats in 1999 together with a Panasonic CD player given to me for my birthday by my sister. For along time that was the only disc that I had, and I listened to it until I virtually destroyed it. Kings Of The Beats had an everlasting impression on me. I loved striding along the street with my CD player under the beat of Aphrodite! Now, when remembering that time, I am beginning to acknowledge that this was the time when I fell in love with DnB. I also remember how in primary school, walking to class in the morning, I used to tune my radio to a pirate radio station that played Breakbeat – those were some of the best moments of my childhood.

I’ve been seriously making music since 2007. I had tried doing something earlier on but this was playing around rather than anything worthwhile. In essence it meant that I would mix tracks and samples for the breakdancing shows. This was the way that I got my first experience. Finally, it was a very straight forward route to becoming a DnB producer. There wasn’t even a question of choosing it from a number of careers – it was simply a call of my heart and soul.

Within a  short period of time Ultacode has been supported by world-renowned producers, such as: Hospital Records, Subwave (Metalhedz), Electrosoul System (Kos-mos), Gvozd, John B, Lostlojic, Enei, Yoshiteru Himuro, Dissident, Vishnu, Jalex, Dominic Rigway, Eleven8, Loxy, Presha, Paul B and many others. In 2011, Ultracode organized his own label Ultracode Koloa Records. The prodcuer is showing no signs of slowing down with releases for his label sure to do damage and turn heads worldwide.