Ultracode & Stereotype


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DnB, Minimal, Deep


1. Ultracode & Stereotype - Midgard
2. Stereotype - Pandemia
3. Ultracode & Stereotype - More More
4. Ultracode - G


The name of the e.p sums it all up. A colorful array of futuristic twisted beats cold atmospherics and killer bass combos, these four tracks will be sure to please the crowd on the dancefloor at any time during the morning or night.

There is something about the production in these tunes that just gives you a chill down your spine. Not only are they pushing the boundaries of drum n bass, they are keeping the programming and arrangements of these tracks very unique and complex. Giving the listener something to think about is an essential quality in the drum & bass game, these producers are doing more than just that, they are forever evolving and expanding their sound to keep that vital vibe alive.

Having had previous releases on Silk and various other labels, these two gents from Ukraine are really going to be making head-waves in the scene with more releases lined up and a vision for future beats, it doesn’t look like these two producers are going to give up that easily.

Ultracode & Stereotype – Midgard

  Stereotype – Pandemia

  Ultracode & Stereotype – More More

  Ultracode – G