The Hybridz



SILKD020 - The Hybridz - Roots Of Resistance/Mind Splicer

SILKD024 - The Hybridz - Anograms E.P


DnB, Dubstep, Electronica, Liquid, Minimal


New Zealand & Brazil


The duo entitled “The Hybridz” was formed in early Jan 2011 and encompasses two simplistic minds from the furthermost corners of the earth – Australia & Brazil. Having only recently meet through, Jefferson’s (Integration Now) release on Jamie’s (Forge) label – Silk Recordings, the pair had very similar tastes in music and the direction they each wanted to take there own sound in. Before the name was even created they had already made their first batch of tunes. “Roots Of Resistance” (forth on Silk Rec) was finished in late December 2010 and would serve as the starting point for the duos first collab and set the standard for the influx of high quality tracks that were soon to follow.

Not sticking to one tempo and experimenting with all types of time signatures and beat patterns “The Hybridz” stands for deep experimentation and a simple but melancholic and bass driven sound with no boundaries. Building on this concept and keeping to their own musical tastes and roots, the duo are set to take this project in any direction they wish by both drawing on their musical and cultural influences, which at this point are as diverse as the music they make.

Their first official release is due out in the next few months on GBDA, which is a sub-label of the mighty “Peer Pressure Records” located in the USA. The release will be available on 12″ and a digital release date will be soon to follow. The next release is a digital single on Silk Recordings followed by a 12″ single due out in the 2nd half of the year. Following on from this a E.P of dubstep/garage tunes on 12″ and digital by brand new dubstep label – Solace Records. With many more releases to be confirmed keep an eye out in the record store for the duos signature sound.

Both artists still have heavy release schedules on there own, with labels ranging from the likes of Darkestral,Silk Rec, Something Deep & Extent VIP to name a few, this duo is set to busy over the next few months with literally some genre bending music to be released.