The Hybridz


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2-Step, Garage, Atmospheric, Dubstep


1. The Hybridz - Tribal Ghosts
2. The Hybridz - Blue Sunrise
3. The Hybridz - Vibration
4. The Hybridz - Liberade


Keeping with the same high quality as the recent slew of Vinyl releases, Solace’s first digital debut is headed up with none other than label owner ‘Stole’ & collaboration partner ‘Integration Now’.

Together their new production partnership entitled ‘The Hybridz’ has been turning heads across all EDM scenes with  12” releases scheduled in for d&b labels Silk & Peer Pressure along with the various remixes and last year’s dubby smash – ‘Roots Of Resistance/Mind Splicer’. Not sticking to one genre and making everything from House to Garage and right thru to d&b this duo set is to break down all boundaries with their intricate beats and pounding bass.

The title track ‘Tribal Ghosts’ is a 2-step minimal number, heavenly pads and melodies accompany the low bass while lashings of ‘Burial’ type flavors complement the rest of the track throughout.

‘Blue Sunrise’ comes thru as the most  tribal track of the E.P. Driving conga rhythms and massive sub soon make way for the melodic pitched down vocal that highlights the track. Glimmering pads and atmospheres round off this superb 132bpm track.

Bass is one of the main elements on the E.P and ‘Vibrations’ has tons of it. Speaker rattling subs accompanied with driving beats and a syncopated percussion rhythm. Carefully placed edits and sublime guitar melodies make this track one for the ladies. Twisted drums and skippy 2-step rhythms start this track of again with a vibe reminiscent of ‘Burials’ early works.

Haunting atmospherics and errie strings slide in and out of filtered edits. Although the most chilled out track on the E.P ‘Liberade’ does not disappoint with a huge wobbly bass and sub combo to fill out the bottom end.

The Hybridz – Tribal Ghosts E.P