Synth Sense

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SILKD016 - Synth Sense & Anile - Static Movement

TBC - Synth Sense & Anile - Static Movement (Consequence)


DnB, Electronica, Minimal, Intelligent, Liquid




Synth Sense are an exciting new production duo from Kent. Focussing on experimental drum & bass with a futuristic edge, it is no wonder that both Horizons & Deep Soul Music have been quick to recognise their undoubted talent in the studio. The Synth Sense journey starts as far back as primary school, yet it wasn’t until they met again years later at secondary school that they realised that they both had similar musical tastes and started working together. After leaving school, both got into DJing & spent most of their time and money buying records and refining their skills on the turntables. This passion for DJ’ing provided a natural progression toward making their own music, and in 1997, they took their first steps toward this setting up a basic studio comprising of Cubase, a Roland keyboard & an Akai 3000xl sampler. Despite the steep learning curve needed to master the set-up they had, they spent the next 3 years persevering with their vision.

With the birth and explosion in popularity of techstep at the time, their music was heavily inspired and influenced by the heavier, darker sounds from artists such as Ed Rush & Optical, Dom & Roland, Stakka & Skynet, Konfilct and Teebee. Despite making progress with their music and catching the ears of various people within the scene, they had to take a break from writing music due to a host of external factors beyond their control. In spite of this however, their ambition to make music continued and fast forwarding to 2003, they finally managed to build another studio that took over a year of hard graft to complete. Given the nature of the technological explosion in music technology, they had to re-learn their craft again, but again, the strength of their conviction in what they were doing made them persevere in making drum& bass, although they also started to experiment with more abstract and down tempo electronic music at the same time. The combining of these two styles turned out to be a fortuitous decision on their part.

Toward the later part of the decade, the increasing prevalence of more abstract and experimental drum & bass spearheaded by the likes of dBridge, Instra:mental and Loxy amongst others, made them realise that there was a more open minded and accepting audience for the music that Synth Sense were making. They finally felt the time was right to really push on with their music and they have done just that, with 2010 and beyond finally looking like the time that the Synth Sense vision will be realised.