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Electronica, Deep, Bass Music


1. Nickbee Feat. Zelda Marshall - Breaking Her
2. Nickebee & Malk Feat. Zelda Marshall - Stars


Nickbee is one of Ukraine’s brightest young stars, with releasing on some of the scenes biggest bass music labels including Invisible, Dispatch & Horizons to name a few. Not sticking to one
genre or sound Nickbee is known for his amazing production ethos, versatility and his enormous collaborations with the likes of local Ukraine producer, Sunchase. The dedication to his craft is really paying off, with his first single on Solace due out very soon, the single features the vocal
talents of Zelda Marshall and along- side collaboration partner Malk.

Nickebee & Malk Feat. Zelda Marshall – Stars

The first track on the single ‘Stars’ builds it’s way up from subtle pads and clicky atmospheres into a very loose and catchy beat. Delay’s and reverbs drive the beat forward as the dreamy vocals of ‘Zelda Marshall’ drift over the music. Piano harmony’s and warm sub bass fill out the bottom end. Sweeping atmospheres and percussion bursts the track over the 2nd drop into the full vocal riff. A sublime piece of music perfect for anytime day or night.

Nickbee Feat. Zelda Marshall – Breaking Her

‘Breaking Her’ is the more heavy offering of the two tracks with a 2-step inspired beat accompanied by lush delay’s and dreamy vocals. Again the vo- cal talents of ‘Zelda Marshall’ really hit home on this one, using the vocals sparingly gives the track space and room to breath. Lush piano riffs and eerie atmospheres glide between the beats while fx’s and reverbs used sparingly make sure your ears are glued to the speakers. This is our personal favorite and really shows how versatile this young producer is.