Mr Foul

Mr foul 2


SILKD015 - Dominic Ridgway, eleven8 & Mr Foul - My Road


DnB, Heavy, Intelligent, Deep, Liquid




Up & coming bristol based producer going by the name of mr foul.  Mr Foul has vinyl releases lined up on new and old school imprints such as trace’s dsci4, skitty’s foundation x, phil source’s vampire records and eveson’s channel 82 he has a production prowess that is sure to be the envy of his peers, and he looks set to follow in the footsteps of the plethora of other bristolians that have left an indelible mark on drum & bass history.

“I’ve been producing under the name Mr Foul for the last 2 years. I’ve always been really into music ever since I was young. I was given my first cassette player when I was about 6, and used to listen to a lot of artists like Gregory Isaacs and Ini Kamoze back then. I’ve always been really into Hip Hop and I started to run Hip Hop nights when I was at school with a couple of mates where we had people like Foreign Beggars come and play for free back before they were famous.”