Integration Now



SILKD017 - Integration Now - SN1 & SN2
SILKD026 - Integration Now - Avogadro & Monogamia


DnB, Electronica, Dubstep, Minimal, Liquid




Intergration Now emerged in Recife around 2009 by producer Jeferson Paulo, with the goal of producing electronic music with a different footprint. Without neglecting the influences of the producer, Jeferson’s blend of styles range from DNB, Heavy, Minimal, House, Downtempo, experimental to MPB, and other atmospheres.

Jeferson Paulo has featured in the new crop of producers for DNB and experimental music, which he’s had track’s played by national and international DJ’s like Stunna (UK), Forge (NZ), and Pearson Sound (UK). Integration began to conquer DNB space after releasing his first EP by the English label VIP Rec. The EP composed six track’s and brought up his innovative style and melodies. As a result of the launch,  this opened the door for new releases and partnerships with producers from all over the world including DBR Uk, D. Ridgway, the Swedish Fable, and recently with producer owner of Silk Recording label, Forge. With this trajectory, Integration Now has big plans for 2011, starting with his first LP containing 12 tracks for VIP Extent. After this a EP release by Silk Recordings, 2 Vinyl Records for Solace (Dubstep) and his high-profile releases for  Darkestral, which have artists and producers like  DBridge, Instra:Mental, Rockwell and others within the ranks.

On top of all this Jefferson has been working on his new project “The Hybridz” which connects Brazil / New Zealand through a partnership with producer and Forge. ‘The Hybridz’ project has loads of releases lined up including 12″ + digital formats for labels such as Silk, Soalce and GBDA. Integration Now is just beginning his career and promises great things for the future.