Integration Now


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2-step, Garage, Dubstep


1. Integration Now - Mythical Flow
2. Integration Now - Logic Of The Dark
3. Integration Now - E2
4. Integration Now - Eugenol


The 2nd installment in the digital only series for ‘Solace Records’, shows Brazilian’s new up and coming bass music producer – ‘Integration Now’. Also, one half of ‘The Hybridz’ collab project with label partner ‘Stole’. ‘Integration Now’ brings us his first solo offering for the label in the form of a 4 track digital only E.P.

Integration Now – Oblique E.P

The first track from the E.P – ‘Logic Of The Dark’, is just that. A dark endless journey thru lush meldoies, emotive pads and deep brooding bass. All strewn together over a loose 2-step rythym with layers of percussion and subtle reverbs.

Crunchy atmospheres and vinyl clicks build thru the intro as Indian riffs sweep in and out of the arrangement. Unorthodox beats and a percussion combo give the track a very middle eastern feel. Warm analog sub bass hums away underneath while the airy pads and delays give the track a great sense of space.

‘E2’ is the third offering on the E.P. This track is filled with loosely synced harmony’s that follow the sweeping 2-step beats and fills. Eerie atmospheres glide over the syncopated bass as the FX’s round off the crisp clean palette of sounds.

The final track is a very thought provoking piece of music. Something that reminisces of ‘Burials’ early works. Showing us how versatile he is ‘Integration Now’ gives us a big warped dub workout. Complete with complex beats and thunderous bottom end all layered together with his signature bleak harmonies. This track will keep you guessing right until the end.