Ghosts Of Paraguay


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1. Ghosts Of Paraguay - Deep Six
2. Ghosts Of Paraguay Feat. Jett - Bitter End
3. Ghosts Of Paraguay Feat. Jett - Morning Light
4. Ghosts Of Paraguay Feat. LaMeduza - Mirrors


British electronic act – Ghosts Of Paraguay is a shining light on the U.K electronic scene, having notched up a considerable back catalog of emotive and forward thinking music.

His sound is very unique and mature yet he seems to add a unique flavor of soulful harmonies that can only be described as amazing. The use of extremely talented vocalists on the majority of his releases is quite astounding and it seems, working on this aspect of his music is why Ghosts Of Paraguay really seems to excel ahead of all others.

His debut release on Solace brings all of the aforementioned aspects plus some amazing new soundscapes, vocal hooks and exceptional songwriting skills all in the form of a 4 track E.P titled – ‘Into The Light’.

Ghosts Of Paraguay Feat. Jett – Bitter End

The first track featured on the E.P is the blissed out ‘Bitter End‘ and features the exceptional vocal talents of US based vocalist – Jett. Having worked together on previous tracks in the past, ‘Bitter End’ is full of lush melodies, complex drum rhythms and warm sub bass. This track is similar to a book and tells a story in a way where you can feel the emotion in Jett’s voice coming right thru the speakers. A very thought provoking piece of music!

 Ghosts Of Paraguay Feat. LaMeduza – Mirrors

To round off the E.P, ‘LaMeduza’ from Switzerland features vocals on the last track. Sublime vocals build the anticipation right from the intro, careful layering and effects make these vocals sit perfect in the mix. Warm mid range and sub bass takes care of the low-end while a loose 2-step groove is accented by amazing piano chords and wonderful strings. As with the rest of the E.P this track has it’s own story to tell and rounds of a superbly produced E.P.