Furi Anga

Furi 1


SILKD010 - Inside The Sun

SILKD023 - Furi Anga - Until My Fears Reappear & Her Fingers Like Lotus Flowers


DnB, Electronica, Ambient, Deep, Minimal




Cold scandinavian moods delivered in a form of drumandbass...

Furi Anga (Antti Viitamäki) is a deep soul explorer from Finland.

Born in 1981 and father of four children, Furi Anga started his musical career at the age of 17, and has
released several privately funded records, (Comatarium, Tuulenvartija, Blackvegas), the ambient project
Succisa Pratensis, and Orion (A downtempo collaboration together with J.Jylhä), as well as releases on
Vampire, Qilin Music, Translation Recordings, Silk Recordings, Med School, Break-Fast Audio, Plush,
Shadybrain, Dubkraft, Broken Audio, and Influenza Minus. With his 5th L.P out soon and Silk’s first artist L.P this truly is a work of art. Clips and more details weill be announced soon. There is also a remix E.P featuring big names such as Skeptical, ASC, Nether and Bulb.

Listening to his music transports you into a melancholic fairy world, sometimes true and beautiful, sometimes dark and grotesque. He is heavily influenced by the Scandinavian nature and weather.


THANKS: Thanks to my kids, who has given me supreme love and direction in life. Thanks to the rest of my immediate family (especially my brother & sister) who’s shoulders were there when I needed them. Respect to Jamie and Matt from Silk, for their great patience. Shouts to Gerwin, Nuage, Brian & Steph at Translation, for listening to all my pains. Greetings to all great producers and labels who have dealt with me on AIM and sent me tunes and inspiration. And last but not least, a big thanks to Ilpo Kärkkäinen / Resound, for mastering my tracks.

Three years of my life is now summarised in the shape of an album. Thank you listeners.

-Furi Anga