Furi Anga


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Minimal, Deep, Electronica


1. Furi Anga - Until My Fears Reappear
2. Furi Anga- Her Fingers Like Lotus Flowers


Silk Recordings is very proud to announce the L.P sampler from minimal master – Furi Anga.

After 4 years of work his L.P is finally ready! Packed full of amazing emotions, dark atmospheres and complex beats, this is Silk’s debut L.P and something Furi and the crew here at Silk are extremely proud of.

Furi Anga – Until My Fears Reappear

‘Until My Fears Reappear’ is full of warm music, futuristic beats and vocals that really hit the spot. Showing of his production skills and musicality this tune is perfect for the late night journey home from the club or the perfect intro or outro track.

Furi Anga – Her Fingers Like Lotus Flowers

The other side to the release is our personal favorite. Again, lashings of soothing vocals, layers of glitchy, minimal beats and lush pads coupled with a superior vibe. A firm favorite amongst some of the scene’s biggest DJ’s.