Stole Pic 3.1


SILKD001 - Forge & Cubik Ultraviolet & Forge & Jynx - Unison

SILKD007 - Forge & Hyperion Vision - Northern Lights/Keepers

SILKD027 - Forge - Dubplay E.P


DnB, Dubstep, Electronica, Deep, Liquid


New Zealand


Beginning his career in early 2000, Jamie Stowell aka Forge, started DJing around his hometown of Timaru (NZ). Having been taken to a rave in the bigger city of Christchurch by his cousin, they went to the now infamous ‘Ministry’ night club, with its flexing floorboards, pounding sound system and all night parties. Experiencing a host of International and local acts, Jamie was drawn to the lighting fast breaks, immense sub bass and general overall party vibe of the music – d&b. Soon after a pair of turntables were purchased and the journey began. After teaching himself to DJ, he was soon playing gigs all over NZ. After a move to Melbourne (Australia) in 2001 the game was stepped up even more. Playing local gigs almost every weekend and for years promoting various nights within the Australian scene.

With dedication to his DJing and wanting to take the craft to the next level, Jamie jumped into the art of music production. Buying a custom PC and spending countless hours learning the program inside out, Forge was intent on pushing the limits of d&b and making a mark for himself within the scene.

Jump to 2008 and we see the release of his first track ‘Finding You’ alongside Ryzatone on the CD – Breakbeat BBQ by the Foreign Dub crew.  By the end of the year, Forge had created his own imprint – Silk Recordings and was releasing his first single – Forge & Cubik – Ultraviolet & Forge & Jynk – Unison as the labels first release.

Over the next few years the label has grown organically and built a massive fanbase into whae we see the today. Currently the label is focusing on bringing quality new artists thru the scene along with keeping the quality of releases to the absolute highest standard. With support from the scenes finest including Fabio, Marcus Intalex, Presha, Loxy, Resound, Anile, Consequence, ASC, DJ Flight, Doc Scott and many more, the label is stronger than ever. The very first artist L.P for Silk is due out in the next few months, with none other than Finnish producer – Furi Anga. The label also has a VA L.P due next year alongside 12” releases from Consequence, Anile, ASC, Nether, Forge, The Hybridz and Bulb. Forge himself has two E.P’s worth of solo tunes ready for release sometime in the new year.

Into the future we see the collaboration effort between Jefferson Paulo (Integration Now) come into fruition. With a 2nd batch of releases due out very soon on both 12” + digital formats the pair are gaining support from a host of big name DJ’s and producers. Silk Recordings, Soalce Records, GBDA & Something Deep have all snapped tunes up so far. An E.P has been penciled in for Silk Early next year and Solace is expecting to release the duo’s first dubstep E.P around the same time. Expect to hear some truly future music from these two talented producers.

To top all this off Forge has teamed up with Tom Bond (Solitude) from the U.K to release a new imprint ‘Soalce Records’, dedicated to bringing the deeper and experimental sound of dubstep to the masses. The First release is ready to go and the feedback and support for this project has been amazing. You will also see Forge’s downtempo alias – ‘Stole’ featuring on the label with his highly anticipated ‘Kingston Cocoa’ track along with some fresh new material ready for release in the new year.