eleven8 - Bridge Shot B:W


SOLACE002 eleven8 - Alone/Remember Me/Scythe/Alone (Clarity remix)


DnB, Dubstep, Neurofunk, Deep, Intelligent




Edd Legg, aka eleven8 is a young producer hailing from East Grinstead. A keen musician from an early age, Edd picked up several instruments – more notably the drums. After several years of playing in Punk and Post Rock bands, he decided to transfer his skills as a drummer to electronic music – which has influenced his productions heavily. His sound is now often known for his distinctive percussion and acoustic samples. With a precise blend of industrial, warped sound effects and melodic snapshots of real, organic samples, his productions are beginning to make waves.

Showing his versatility, ‘eleven8’ shows off his production skills in this release which incorporates elements of guitars, synths, dirty bass and clean crisp drums to show off what a seismic style this young producer has.
Alone’ is the title track and has ‘eleven8’s’ signature sound strewn all over it. Tight razor sharp drums over a skippy time signature and brooding subs make this one a heavy affair.  A very catchy vocal riff and driving atmosphere round off this intricate track.

The aptly titled track “Remember Me’ is a tribute to a friend of ‘eleven8’s’ that sadly passed away. On first listen you can hear the meaningful melodies of the guitars and the emotion ‘eleven8’ really has passed into this track. A very soft track with deep meaning but don’t be fooled; the baseline is still perfect for rattling any club sound system.