Dominic Ridgway


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DnB, Minimal, Electronica


1. Days Away
2. Beauty Falls


Dominic Ridgway’s debut on Silk comes in the form of two glorious musical compositions. ‘Days Away’ show us what an extremely talented producer this young lad is. Atmospheric beat patterns combined with the subtle use of bass and uplifting vocal arrangements, it’s no wonder that this release was championed by many producers and DJ’s. ‘Beauty Falls’ is a very deep and emotive track. Dominic gives us a insight into his mind with warped samples, glistening pads and heavenly sub bass.

‘Beauty Falls’ has also been re-worked by the mighty ‘Dakosa’. Check out Dominic’s other release – ‘Ketamine’ backed with the ‘Dakosa’ remix of ‘Beauty Falls’.

Dominic Ridgway – Days Away

Dominic Ridgway – Beauty Falls