Dominic Ridgway


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DnB, Deep, Minimal


1. Dominic Ridgway - Ketamine
2. Dominic Ridgway - Beauty Falls (Dakosa Remix)


Silk Recordings welcomes back D.Ridgway, one of the scenes brightest talents to emerge as of late.

Hot off the heels of his massive Sabre “101” Teeth Remix, competition winner and extraordinary new electronic music producer D.Ridgway drops his second release on Silk.Following up from the absolutely sublime cuts “Days Away” & “Beauty Falls”, Ridgway clearly sees eye to eye with the labels ethos and production quality.

Delivering an outstandingly fresh approach to making music, Ridgway encompasses elements of a more tribal feel with lashings of Burial esque flavored moods, haunting uplifting rhythmic melodies and an ever increasing sound design palette.

With a generous amount of released material and forthcoming bits on labels such as Digilab, Mjazz, & Extent VIP, it won’t be long before this artist is completely cemented in the sets of many dj’s and play lists across the globe. Ridgway is definitely one artist to keep your eye on for the rest of 2010 and beyond.

On the flip side of the release Dakosa step up to the plate for remix duties on one of the labels biggest tunes to date – “Beauty Falls”. Dakosa formed in early 2009 and hailing from their home town of Maidstone in kent Dakosa, Dave (Dready) Marsh, Mike (Kemikal) Craske & Leo (Soulific) Tomlinson, are rising stars within the Drum & Bass scene. With releases currently on Shadybrain, Qilin Music & Broken Audio these guys are starting to turn heads and have already caught the eye of DJ’s like Doc Scott, Marcus Intalex, Loxy, Data, Nymfo, S.P.Y & June Miller.

Dominic Ridgway – Ketamine

As the name suggest, a euphorically warped and spine tingling track reminiscent of ancient cracked records gathering dust in the corner.

Just like the illicit drug, this track soon picks the listener up and takes them on a dark sliding tunnel of various emotions and feelings. Subtle beats strewn over moody pads soon capture you in a state of ambiance making way for the enormous sub bass which actually blurs your vision when it’s dropped in the club.

Sensational work from D.Ridgway, this is timeless music and is sure to stay in the sets of many dj’s for a long time to come.

Dominic Ridgway – Beauty Falls (Dakosa Remix)

For the flip side Daksoa, step up for remix duties of the epic “Beauty Falls”.

Dakosa are one of the scenes brightest trio of artists, with releases lined up on labels such as Broken Audio, Digilab, Touched By Records, Buried Audio & Different Music.

Breathing a new life into an already amazing track, the trio comes with a more dancefloor origntaed vibe. Epic drum patterns and subtle whispers of the original vocal haunt the first half of track. Don’t be fooled tho, this track drops in with some excruciatingly heavyweight bass that will tear apart most sound systems. Accompanied by melodic and driving synth stabs which drift over deep atmospheres, this track is sure to impress even the most hard to please dj’s.