SILKD010 - Bulb - Cruelty Support

SILKD018 - Bulb - Lonely Gravity/Default Settings

SILKD025 - Bulb - Buried Future/IVAX Remix/No Angels Feat. Faib/1000 Light Years Between Us


DnB, Electronica, Soundtrack, Deep, Minimal




Daniil Vavilov aka Bulb is not just a random ‘home-producer’ you might stumble upon and enjoy, he is a well-rounded artist who needs more spotlight without ever suggesting it.

His ‘main’ alias, Bulb, is the product of witty friends and his trademark (lack of a) hairstyle.  A typical combination of trancey melodies and mellow soundscapes on top of 170 bpm drum & bass. At some point he decided that Bulb isn’t enough to cover his full range of states of mind and ideas expressible through music, thus building up a second online persona, Fill.

At first it was meant to be just a dump space for his experimental works, however the quality of these works couldn’t have been ignored for long. Even though the music enthusiasts seem to be pretty far from buying experimental or even ambient pieces having been used to the huge amount of net labels delivering quality stuff for free, the day will definitely come when a hectic night out flooded with 4/4 beats and drug-induced euphoria will only be soothed and healed by a proper beatless, melodic ambient treatment that money can and should buy.

His evolution’s pattern is a realistic indicator of how long it would take someone with no musical training to build up a solid technical background that can allow turning ideas and inspiration into full length tracks. While he opened his first music production software roughly 5 years ago it wasn’t until last year that he stepped up his game and made some well placed financial investments into a home studio setup that definitely worked wonders on his production level and overall workflow.

Currently 21 years of age it’s quite easy for him to fully dedicate his time into music. Those who know him might call him a workaholic. His passion towards the community did leave it’s marks and a quickly growing fan-base is a steady proof of the concept that “the internet is working”.

During the early stages of learning he was fooling around, as most so-called newbies do, with the easy, pattern-style sounds of trance, house or hip-hop. Without being able to make use of any musical background or playing by notes has made this exploration part the most important in his learning process. It has been insightful enough for him to discover an affinity towards what he calls “atmospheres, melodies and lovely parts”, something one can easily find as the highlight or backbone of all his works under both aliases.

Touching the matter of raw talent versus well buried inspirations he thinks “there is nothing new in this world, only geniuses can make truly unique stuff and it’s definitely not the case in electronic music. It’s always a combination of the art that you see, the feelings that you get and the music that inspires you – each recipe of these three factors will always have a different result”. The combination of his young age, his dedication and the constantly evolving technical possibilities can only be a preview of the basic factor that makes electronic music so great and unique – the unforeseeable sound he will be delivering as time passes.

At first all his projects started with no ‘genre’ limitations whatsoever but as time passed and his first few works got an unexpectedly positive reaction from his listeners it was pretty clear that Bulb should stick to anything dnb-related and Fill had to come up as a platform for whatever “wouldn’t *Fill* the expectations”.

“Making soundtracks would fit me but now it’s just my skill that makes me and my audience happy”

As most up & coming producers probably do, he hopes for a music related career further on in his life but he isn’t necessarily thinking about this while making his everyday decisions. He is still as much a passionate listener as he is a skilled DJ and producer. Finding special music is a big part of developing into a professional, maybe even bigger than it is for a really passionate listener like myself.

Interacting with the artists you like as a listener can be either artificial through awkwardly stalking them or the straight-forward direct contact, congratulating and crediting them for what their work means for you. When asked about his approach on this matter he confesses to being one of the few in the latter category: “Quite often I contact whoever I enjoy with some respectful words and I am constantly surprised by how open, friendly and talkative some of the bigger names are without delivering the classic polite one-worded sentences. I don’t expect to make friends with the likes of Aphex Twin or any of the iconic names but it’s still comforting to offer that sense of gratitude as long as I know how it feels”