Blue Motion



SILKD009 - Blue Motion - No Angels/Distant Sounds/No Tenderness For Us/Icarus

SILKFREE001 - Blue Motion - Shimmering Horizons


DnB, Minimal, Liquid, Deep, Intelligent


Slovakia & Belgium


Since forming Blue Motion in 2009, Slovakia’s Dirrrty B and Belgian’s Influenza Media founder Eros have set out across the airwaves, unleashing a relentless amount of deep and soul-moving musical allure to the masses. Both members have been around the music for many years, DJing and producing since the 90s, and their releases follow in the footsteps of d&b luminaries and compatriots B Complex and Netsky.

Lashing out like an unexpected storm, the duo has left its imprint on many well known labels, including Fokuz, Phunkfiction, Spearhead, Good Looking, Blu Saphir, Citrus, Telluric, Peer Pressure, Point 9 Audio, Temper D Productions, Future Thinkin, and Influenza Media, and has collaborated with the likes of Sconeboy, The Square, Atmospherix, Brandon Miles, Paul SG, Mutt, Stanza, Wreckage Machinery and SoulTec. Vocalists Grimm and MC Fava have also been heard as their vocal stylings creep through the depths of this emotional sound mosaic.

The duo will release the LP Stay Forever through Influenza Media  (one of Eros’ own labels) within the next few weeks. Their signature deep and heavy vibe, which has been showcased on labels such as Good Looking, Spearhead and Future Thinkin gets a full work-out on this vinyl (8 tracks) and digital (12 tracks) release set to drop very soon.

Having collaborated with fellow future funkster Unquote, as well as having an arsenal of remixes to their name, Blue Motion’s reputation can only be enhanced with the release of the album. With track titles such as A Cavetroll Named Bob, The Path Unwalked and Walking Through The City, you know this is not going to be any ordinary album, and the style and feel of the release do not disappoint.

“Our music is influenced by the momentary feelings,” Eros tells us, “like how is the weather outside, how long we slept, or what we ate for breakfast, from music we listened to during our lives, such as soul, funk, jazz, electro to name some.”

Fans of swooping, cinematic drum & bass will not be disappointed, and Blue Motion will leave fans old and new with a renewed sense of openness and boundless positivity. Music for the mind and the soul.