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DnB, Deep, Minimal, Heavy, Intelligent


New Zealand


A meeting of like minds began the partnership between Matt Balistics & Jamie Forge, owner of Silk Recordings. Shortly after Balistics was asked to manage the label while Forge focused on his passion to produce.

Balistics is extremly passionate about the drum & bass sound & after over 8 years of djing experience, 6 of them doing a weekly radio show, he was more than happy to step up to the plate & broaden his horizons in the industry. His first involvment was with Synth Sense & Anile’s debut release on Silk Recordings, who have since become long term friends.

After a consistant line of digital releases Silk Recordings is soon to release its first & highly anticipated LP from Finnish producer Furi Anga. From the beginning it has been a long term aim for Silk to release music in the format both Balistics & Forge found this sound on, vinyl.

Silk Recording’s is now close to releasing its first line of 12″ singles, one of the first coincidentally being a remix of the first release Balistcs was involved in, Synth Sense & Anile – Static Movment [Consequence Remix]. With a string of 12″ releases on there way from Silk, a few included in this mix, only time what other projects Silk Recordings has on the way.